Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chalk it up

Today I've decided to work on a few projects. The first one, I started last night so that it could have a lot of time to dry. First, I bought these mini chalkboards from JoAnns. They are $1.49 for 3 (I believe) and you could use a coupon on it to be even cheaper. They come with a little gold thread attached to hang like an ornament, so I just pulled it off and it came off super easy.
I have these jars that need labeling. I was going to pull out my labelmaker like usual, but thought this would be cuter. I am snagging one of the wedding ideas and using it for my everyday pantry.

I laid them on their sides and glued down. I used Amazing E6000 but you could use gorilla glue or hot glue as well. It was just what was closest to me. =)

When I woke up this morning they were all dry and ready to go! Super cute if you ask me. Since I already had the jars, this project only cost me $1.49! Now...what else can I label around here??

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