Saturday, August 14, 2010

A home for art.

Whew! I said today was "project day" and I wasn't kidding! This is the last one! I bought this board at JoAnns. It was originally $5.99 but I used a 40% Michaels coupon. =) I also bought a bag of mini clothespins (not the TINY ones, but the small ones) for $2.49.I painted the board using the antique white paint my hubster used yesterday on my other projects.
Here is the dry board. I also cut out "create" with my cricut and vinyl.

Next I centered the vinyl cutout. I didn't do it wrong, the word is supposed to float like's connected. =)

I hot glued some ribbon on the back to hang it up. I also made some muslin and white tulle flowers with buttons for centers.

I hot glued the clothespins along the bottom edge and voila! Now the girls have a place to hang all of their drawings instead of leaving them all over the house! Nice, easy and cheap addition to the play area!
P.S. Trish- This board was inspired by your "doodles and drawings" board. =)

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