Friday, September 10, 2010

Speech Class {"Me Bag"}

Today was the day the girls have been waiting for.... speech day! They were so excited to give their speeches. They were supposed to give a "me bag" speech. A me bag is a bag full of stuff that, as you pull out one item at a time, will tell something about you. Cami, being the stubborn little mouse that she is, took everything but her two favorite dolls out of her bag before we got to school. She said that those were the only things she was going to talk about. {sigh} Cami, I hope you read this when you get older.Here they are waiting for the other kids to arrive.

Cami was the first one to go! Yikes! I was hoping she might see Emma go first so that she would realize what she needed to say. The crickets had fun chirping because she only held up her two favorite animals and said "that's it". HAHA. Thankfully Mrs. Fisher helped her kind of fill in the gaps as she was up there. I'm just glad she DID IT! I thought for sure one of my kids would see all of the audience looking at them and freak out and run behind me, but they both did it with big smiles! I look forward to hearing their speeches next month, a "how to" speech. Hopefully Cami will allow me to help her practice this time!

Next it was Emma's turn! She did GREAT! She wasn't afraid at all, she showed each item slowly so that the whole crowd could see it. After her speech was over, kids can raise their hands and ask questions, I could tell she got a bit nervous during that time because she kept playing with her lip....BUT she did it!

Here is Emma loading her bag back up with her picture of our extended family at our annual Disneyland trip. My favorite part: "Here is my bible, because I love God" =) So proud of my two girlies today!

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  1. Okay, how sweet is Emma about loving God! And good for Cami for being brave!!! =)

    I really like that the girls have these days at the school to interact with the other kids and practice those important skills of getting along with others. They have the best of both worlds - a great teacher at home and fun socialization with other kids!!

    "That's it." haha