Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Morro Bay Museum of Natural History

Last weekend, we impulsively decided (well ok, I begged and Brandon caved) to go visit his brother in Pismo Beach. I thought I would share some pictures of the girl's favorite place to visit when we are at the coast...the "musem" (as Emma calls it) in Morro Bay. The entrance to the museum has a great view of the bay and Emma even spotted something...
....a jellyfish floating in the water!

They have these boards that you lift up to read the answers to the questions on the front. The little thing on Emma's ear is "Rocky", the mascot that tells you things about each topic. It's cute because it's shaped like Morro Rock and has a face and eyes on it.

The girls playing a giant game.

Emma exploring a food chain.

The girls watching a short film on sea otters with Uncle Marty.

These different wheels turn and as they spin, the panels on the board in front of you move to show 3 different pictures each.

Building a food chain of the bay with blocks.

These wheels spin and a little door flips over to reveal something on either side.

A giant wheel with beads in it to demonstrate "sculpting the landscape".

A wind tunnel.

Guess the object game.

This exhibit tells about rain.

On the observation deck you are given binoculars to look out into the bay.

Ten bucks says they are debating something about sharks... haha.

They have a puppet theatre set up, so Emma and Uncle Marty went back there and put on a show.

Cami thought it was quite funny that the silly spider was talking about cheeseburgers.

These drawers have many different things to explore inside of them.

The best part are FREE! =) Adults are only $3. Check out their location and hours here, I'm sure your kids would love it too!

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