Monday, April 30, 2012

A Bite of Bravo Farms

Last night we had a "date night" to make up for missing last week. I wanted to go to a movie, so of course we went to Bravo Farms in Tulare first. I got the Tomato Basil Pizza, with Pesto and a bit of Balsamic dressings as the sauce. I told them extra basil. I LOVE basil! The crust is super thin and really crispy!

Brandon loves when they have pulled pork, but since they didn't have any, but they had ribs, they were nice enough to make shredded pork from the ribs! The ribs were so tender that the meat just came completely off the bone. He was SO happy! ;) Add in our fries, a shared glass of wine, and cheap movie tickets {you KNOW you can buy your tickets at Bravo for $7.50 right?!} and you've got yourself a great date night!
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