Monday, April 2, 2012

Coffee Sack Shade

I can definitely tell that Spring Break started today because I have nothing to show for today, but 3 miles on the bike, a shower (haven't yet made it to the make-up part yet), and this shade. I saw a friend posted one on Pinterest and thought "hey, I HAVE all of that stuff", so I got to work! Click on the link above to go to Funky Junk Interiors and read her tutorial for yourself. Hers also looks really cool because her kitchen has a row of three windows.I made this curtain a few years ago for this funky top window because it makes my kitchen so hot in the summertime. The sun beats down through it in the afternoon. I was going to make a coffee sack curtain to replace it, but once I took it down and all of that great light came flooding back into my kitchen, I decided to leave the top window open.
I just used the same tension rod that I had on the top window. Since the sack was a few inches short in the width, I covered the ends of the tension rod in a piece of the burlap sack. I just cut a strip off that you wouldn't notice was missing, and hot glued it directly to the rod. Then I rolled up the sack and used safety pins to hold the back of the roll in place.
My biggest tip is to not ignore her instructions to line the back of the sack section that hangs down. I tried to save time and not line it, and had to pull it down and line it with fabric, because when the blinds were open, I couldn't see the black lettering on the burlap because of the sun. Now that it's lined, it looks great! I'm all for a project that doesn't involve sewing!

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  1. Well lookit you!! Someone emailed me your link. So glad you tried this out and had fun with it! Love the rustic touch to your window! :)