Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Emergency Kit {A girl on the go's best friend!}

I subscribe to TidyMom's Blog and as soon as I saw her post on making a Girl's Emergency Kit, I knew I had to make one! This is so EASY and Smart! Click on the link for the tutorial to learn how to make your own. It is simply a square potholder with snack size baggies sewn in it, and folded in half. You sew in a ribbon and button closure and you're done!

The baggies are overlapped and a zig zag stitch is run down the middle.
Fill your baggies with whatever you always need, but never seem to have on you. Batteries, floss, safety pins, bandaids {those pesky new-shoe blisters!}, Q-tips, Salonpas heat patches {back pain}, mini hand sanitizer, etc. Stash it in your glove box or purse and you'll never be without something you need again! I'm so excited!

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  1. Very cute! Now I have to go shopping for pot holders. (Any excuse for shopping will do.)