Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage Cowgirl Party

The second party I planned this month was a Vintage Cowgirl Party. The inspiration came from The TomKat Studio's site, check it out, it's beautiful! I ordered my invitations from The TomKat Studio, it was really easy, you simply choose your invitation on their etsy site, and add your details in the comments section, and then email them the photo you'd like to use. They then email you the file in the version of your choice. They offer a print from home file, or one that is ready to order 5x7 prints from Costco, or wherever you print your pictures. (This invite has been on a clipboard for weeks, so it's seen better days! )I love the wording!! I covered up the address and phone number, but instead of RSVP it says "Holler at mommy"
I made this banner out of scrapbook papers and cut the letters with a Cricut.

I wasn't able to be there for this party, or to set up, as I was in Ohio on our emergency trip. My really good friend offered to finish my loose ends and set it up for me. Thankfully this party was also FOR a good friend who was more than understanding. As it turns out it was wet outside, so instead of setting up like I had imagined, it needed to be indoors. My plans were to take my old potting table (really rustic!) and drape the blue and pink bandanas diagonally over it and set up all of the food there. If I would have been really lucky, I would have loved to borrow hay bales to use as the seats for the kids and also diagonally drape the bandanas on them. This is how my brain works when planning a party...very visual!

These were the favors... Cowgirl cookies! I love the fabric I chose and the leather strips to tie them were perfect! The recipe and printables were from Bakerella, just look up cowgirl cookies. She also has blue Cowboy cookies. It comes with matching directions on the back of the jar.

I made these posters myself using Photoshop! I was so proud because this is my first photoshop experience. I just used the wording that was on the TomKat Studio's post.
These gable boxes held the lunches for the kiddos. I was going to print labels like the TomKat Studio's post but since I had to leave, my friend stamped them with paint for me with a stamp I had picked up just in case. The cheapest I found these gable boxes was at www.boxandwrap.com. My only warning is that shipping took quite a while.

Trish went out of her way to wrap water bottles with paper and use my extra tags I made. Cute!

This boot I picked up at Rescued Treasures and ran through the dishwasher, I thought it was so cute! I am in love with striped paper straws!! These are from one of my favorite {and very reasonably priced!} online stores....Shop Sweet LuLu.

I borrowed this homemade cupcake stand from my sister in law, she made it for my nieces wedding last year. It is made out of HAT BOX LIDS!! Can you believe it? She painted it and then added the distressed look.

I also made the cupcake toppers using photoshop. Since I was gone the entire week before the party someone else took care of the cupcakes for me.

I also found this boot dish at Rescued Treasures! The jar I topped with the pink paisley ribbon and I cut a knot frame and "Cowgirl Lassos" out of pink vinyl with my Silhouette machine. It turned out super cute!

These popcorn cones are also from Shop Sweet LuLu.

The cookies are from the VERY talented Nandie Kaufman from my MOPS group! Seriously, how great are those? I think I'm going to have to start budgeting cookies from her into all my quotes from now on! She can do anything when it comes to cookies!

I wish I could have been there, but I'm thankful I'm not a procrastinator or none of this would have been ready when I had to drop everything and leave. I am also thankful for helpful friends that step up when they're needed most! =)

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  1. this is so cute!!! very creative!! happy birthday carley!!