Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Littlebeane Boutique Giveaway Winnings!

I was lucky enough to WIN a blog giveaway from The Twinery Blog! The prize was 5 sheets of personalized 2.5 inch stickers, 60 address labels AND a personalized set of recipe cards!! I was SO excited! They are from The Littlebeane Boutique, and I thought I'd share them with you. I didn't show the other address labels because it would have been too hard to not show my address, but they have a big turquoise "B" with black polka dots, and then our name and address off to the right. I have ordered from The Littlebeane Boutique before and her work is amazing! Check it out...I covered up the address, but I LOVE these round address labels!
These are the recipe cards I chose.

Love the lemons!
How cute are these whisks?!

I loved these Easter ones! (I didn't know that these would have my name on them but oh well!)
There are a handful of different cupcake sticker designs to choose from- it's a hard decision! I LOVE how everything turned out and most of all that it was FREE!! Check out the Twinery's blog, it's really cool (and they're on facebook). And be sure to remember The Littlebeane Boutique when you are planning a party (there are PAGES of party designs!!) , looking for a personalized gift for a baker in your life, or shopping for yourself!

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