Sunday, March 25, 2012

Taste of Orange Blossom {White Roughy}

Last night was one of our last meals at Orange Blossom Junction. It's kind of settling in now, that we won't be seeing our favorite crew regularly anymore. The good news is...they're going out with a bang! I can't wait for April 1st! There will be a steady stream of musicians throughout the day and of course the food will be fabulous! You know where I'll be! Check out the front page of their website to see the list of musicians and call to reserve your table today!Back to last night! How about an Asparagus Salad to start off? This was Brandon's and he barely let my fork sneak a few bites because it was so good! It was totally PACKED with flavor from the asparagus, to the Red Pepper dressing, to the cheese, on top of all of the regular salad goodies too!
They were SO busy that they sold out of FIVE whole Prime Ribs before we even ordered! Yes, you heard me! Word is out, and EVERYONE is heading out to get their fill of their favorites before they close. Lucky for us, the other special was White Roughy with two Prawns with Artichoke Cream! We both love this fish! The sauce was amazing, and just LOOK at that pile of onion straws. My favorite!
It was served with this mountain of delicious veggies, and garlic bread! I LOVE their green beans (think Dillon Chicken and Shrimp!)
I HAD to get the Cat's Meow with Grilled Chicken crossed off my OBJ Bucket List! Before I started blogging the specials, I used to order this ALL the time! Orange Caesar dressing all the way! I will never have a salad this fabulous and fresh again!
The special came with dessert, and since the special dessert was sold out (we ate super late), we shared our all time favorite, Chocolate Trauma. Their homemade chocolate ice cream is by far the BEST chocolate ice cream I'll ever eat.

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Above is a photo book I gave Doug and Luci, Chef George, and Nikki as a little "thank you" for feeding us so well over the years. Their food will live on in my mind, even if it's not in my tummy. My taste buds will never be the same, but I'm nothing but thankful for the years of good food, music, and friendship we've been blessed to experience.

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