Saturday, August 20, 2011

Taste of Orange Blossom

Today I'm going to bring you TWO specials from OBJ! With a 3-course special you get to choose salad OR soup, your entree, AND dessert! Check out this special salad, Smoked Chicken Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing! The smoked chicken adds SO much flavor to this salad! I always love their dressings (because they don't come from a can!) and I am especially partial to the different berry vinaigrettes that pop up from time to time on the specials! LOVE!The soup was Cream of Asparagus. It was DELICIOUS! It's topped with cheese and homemade croutons! It had the greatest flavor, and I loved that it had mushrooms in it! Actually as I'm sitting in bed tonight writing this blog post, I would kill for another bowl of it before bed! ;)

Brandon ordered the Smoked Pork Chop with Spicy Apple Butter. It is one of our FAVORITES of OBJ! Believe me, you've never tasted a pork chop like this one! Underneath it is the apple "mixture" (because I don't know what to call it) and the flavor of the apple butter, with the ever-so-slight kick of heat is AWESOME! It was served with a twice baked potato, sauteed kale, and candied carrots, as well as a big piece of garlic bread.

The special I chose was the Bacon Wrapped Filet with Tomato Bearnaise Sauce. This was served with the same sides, and was SO tender and delicious! You KNOW how tender this cut of meat is, and it doesn't disappoint! The sauce is absolutely perfect and adds another layer of flavor without taking away from the steak at all. Do I need to even mention the thick cut bacon?? Yum!

After ALL of that, we had a Warm Coffee Tart with Cheesecake Ice Cream! Oh gosh, I don't even know how to begin to describe it. What could be better than creamy cheesecake ice cream on top of a warm coffee tart? It's topped with caramel, hot fudge, and white chocolate! No, I'm not kidding you!

Orange Blossom will have a new menu coming soon. I've heard "rumors" that the Smoked Pork Chop AND Bacon Wrapped Filet might be permanent fixtures. I've heard some other really tasty details too.... but you'll just have to wait and see! I'll be sure to update you on the new menu when it debuts this week or next! I THINK you should sign up for their weekly e-mail so that YOU'LL know when things are cookin' at the Junction! ;)

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