Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taste of Orange Blossom {Ultimate Chicken Fried Steak!}

Last night was a tasty one at OBJ! Check out this special salad! It's a Romaine Salad with Candied Walnuts, Champagne Dressing and topped with Bleu Cheese Ice Cream! Yep, you heard me right! If you like bleu cheese, you'll love it. It's just one of those things you've got to step out and try! This salad was so fresh and crisp on a hot day. I love their champagne vinaigrette dressing! Big surprise, a OBJ salad dressing I love! Ha ha. I can't help it, they're delicious!

You aren't going to believe this Chicken Fried Steak! This is a New York Steak, and it's been tenderized to the max! The breading is crunchy and the meat is super tender and delicious. I don't think you'll ever have a better chicken fried steak. Honestly. Not to mention this thing is enormous, and topped with Linguicia Gravy and two fried eggs. It sits on top of a bed of mashed potatoes, and framed in with toasty bread. Seriously, does it get any better than this?

Dessert was a Warm Coffee Tart with Cheesecake Ice Cream. If you haven't had this yet, you're missing out! It has a thin, crispy crust and I can't even guess at what's in the middle, but it's delicious and tastes like coffee! ;) Do I even need to tell you how good the cheesecake ice cream is?? Well, I'm going to anyway... I don't think it gets any creamier than this. The creamy deliciousness of cheesecake in ice cream form to take the edge off of the summer heat. Perfect! :)

Here's an artistic view of last night's special:

And because our second meal was SOOO good and I've never ordered it before, I have to show you....
Shrimp Skewers with Tequila Lime Butter! Heck yes! We already know I LOVE the sauce, it comes on the Almond Prawns and I could lick my plate clean with that stuff! But these were sooo good! SIX jumbo prawns, grilled to perfection and topped with the tequila lime butter! We chose rice pilaf and green beans as our sides. They're green beans are so yummy...they have mushrooms in them and THIS girl loves mushrooms! If you wanna know a secret, the sauce is reallllly good mixed in with the rice too! ;)

As always, check 'em out here! Tell them the blogger sent you! :)

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