Friday, May 28, 2010

Carnival Day

Today was "Circus day" at Emma's school. The teacher and I agreed it should be called carnival day instead, because it really has nothing to do with a circus, and everything to do with a carnival. Here is Emma at my booth..the treasure chest full of prizes. About a half hour into it, I hid all of the wrong keys but one of them because each child was taking way too long. =)
Cami is totally enjoying her doritos, or "orange chips" as she calls them.

Showing off her tattoo...

Glad I didn't have to man the bounce house. ;)

Playing some bean bag tic tac toe.

Emma and a few of her friends in line for a game...

Wheel of fortune...

Cami at the treasure chest. She is pretty much an honorary kindergartener at this point. =)

Cami in line for the fishing game.

Too cool for school in those shades....haha

What can be better than a lollipop and a bag full of prizes? =)

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