Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today I made my family one of their favorite afternoon snacks....homemade churros. Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade might be "ok" for some things, but you might as well call me "From Scratch Jaime" because I like the "from scratch" taste. It also gives me some strange satisfaction to spend a third of my day in the kitchen, although the dishes are not anywhere on my favorite list, cooking and baking are at the top! This recipe is super easy, just slightly messy.
Did I mention they are SUPER healthy?? Ha! Dough fried in oil, doesn't get any healthier than that!

My cinnamon sugar helper! Too bad she also ate almost half the batch while helping! =)

Super yummy special treat for the people I love! Snag the recipe over here... http://www.cooking-mexican-recipes.com/churro-recipe.html

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