Thursday, May 20, 2010

The cutest stinkin berlap bags you've ever seen. Ever, Ever, Ever.

This idea I snagged off of the 2.1 million brial blogs I have read in the past two weeks. I didn't follow her tutorial because quite frankly it was just too many steps for my motivation level. I wanted to make end of the year treats for my fellow steering team members of MOPS. The flowers are cut out of felt, I just free-handed the flowers on cardstock and kept re-tracing. There are three layers of petals on the flower. As it turns out, I was even too lazy to walk to the printer to print out the flower template. =) Whatever, it worked and they are beautiful.
I didn't take any pictures of my sewing steps, but it is simply a rectangle cut from berlap (SO SUPER CHEAP, IT'S ALMOST FREE!) Then I folded it on itself and made two exact pieces from the one larger piece. Keep them together when you cut down the fold, and then sew three sides and turn inside out. They take a whole 2 minutes each for that part!! The buttons were free...just ones I had in my button stash. Sew the button through the layers of the flower and onto the front, knot on the inside and voila!

Fill with whatever goodie you like. I wrapped homemade chocolate crinkles in cello bags and put in them... I'm sure my friends didn't want to eat burlap fuzzies with their cookies. =) Then you take a metal skewer, or anything similar, and poke the holes and loop with raffia ribbon, or whatever you like. Regular ribbon would be great too!

I did a cream colored berlap and a tan one as well. I couldn't pick a favorite so I did them both.

I also couldn't decide which way I wanted to close them. I did a few different variations, but it was late and my brain wasn't working, so these are what I ended up with.

Laced through.

Simple bow closure.
Happy crafting!

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  1. I LOVE mine!! I have hung onto it for a reminder for cuteness in the future!

    Thanks so much for making these and the delicious crinkles inside! It was such a treat! =)