Thursday, May 27, 2010

DIY cake stands

I saw recently on Your Home Based Mom blog, her tutorial on cake stands. Today I went to two thrift stores and made out like a bandit. All you need is a plate, a "stand" of some sort (candlestick, glassware of the right sort, etc.)and E-6000 glue from Joanns or Michaels. Here are some of my finds. Trish I'm voting this should be a MOPS craft next year. I'll help you hit up all the thrift stores for a few months and it's perfect for the craft budget! Hint, hint! =)
So this little stemware I picked up for $1.00. The plate was the most expensive thing I bought all day, at $5.00, but I like it a lot, it's stamped from Germany on the back so I guess that's why it was more.

Applying glue to the edge. Some of the pieces I used the correct way, some I turned upside down, depending on which way looked better. They are all unique, so you just try it before you glue it to see what you like best.
Find the center and put it down. Simple!

This is a little bud vase that was $1 and the plate was $1.79. I am telling you the prices of everything so that you can see this truly is a cheap project! =)

Ignore the messy table in the background. =)

This little plate was $1.00. It is dessert size, and perfect for little bite sized treats! It has a simple glass candlestick that was $0.99.

This is the finished product of the $5 plate and $1 glass from the start of the blog...

This china plate was $1.79 and the candlestick $0.89.

This is the finished product of the bud vase one.

Pretty cute! I think I'm obsessed! Of course, you don't have to use thrift store finds, you could buy new. This was my first try though, and I do like that they're unique. One other little tip I found out today...Visalia Emergency Aid store is 50% off the whole store (except appliances and green tags) on Fridays. And to think, I didn't even make it to Rescued Treasures today! I wonder what they have in store for me tomorrow! :)
In case you're wondering...I also found an old Houghton Mifflin Literary Reader for $1, circa 1974. The kids for some reason LOVE these collection of stories. All of the kids (including Emma!) go for them in class instead of the new regular books. I also bought a few dollars worth of childrens books (newer) for $0.25 each. Quite possibly the find of the day was a Gymboree skirt for Emma that was marked $2.30, but children's clothing was 75% off today, so I got it for a whopping $0.57!!!! We also picked up 4 other cute skirts for even less! Unbelievable thrift store day, and I've got to call it a success!

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  1. I love this! What a cute idea!!! How are you planning to use them? I'm envisioning them under all the bottles filled with flowers...