Friday, May 21, 2010

Hanford Farmers Market, aka:Free party! =)

Yesterday afternoon it dawned on's Thursday! It's not hot! Farmers Market, baby! Made a couple of calls, and within minutes my husband and mother in law were on board. After they got off work, we loaded up the kids, grabbed a reusable bag for our fresh produce finds, and headed to Hanford. For years we have made the trip to Hanford several times a summer, for their fabulous Farmers Market. For some reason, Visalia's Farmers Markets are not up to par...AT ALL!Brandon headed straight to his favorite bbq tent for his ribs. He says it's the best food EVER! He has even had me bring it home for him when he wasn't able to come with us once.

Come to papa! I go for my favorite spicy chicken kabobs with pilaf, every time, year after year. There is a place called Sanchez Corn that makes KILLER corn on the cob, on a stick, covered with spicy, parmesan-y yumminess! Last night the line was reallly long, so we skipped the corn.

I've got some churro-lovin kids!

Nothing beats dinner on the curb with my favorite people!

While we were finishing eating, Emma decided to get up and dance to Mustang Sally, blaring through the Market.

She's so inhibited. =)

The next stop for us is always the carousel. It is ancient, but it works, and it is the longest ride in history. It's like the length of 5 Dumbo rides at D-land!

Bonus! The tickets were free because we got free child id kits while Brandon was holding our place in line, and they gave us free tix! Score! In years past, they had pony rides as well. We didn't walk as far as the place where they are normally set up, because we didn't want to pay for them, so I'm not sure if it was there or not.

They also had bounce houses, but we talked the girls out of skipping those too, because we needed to get moving.

On our way out, Emma picked out a box of blueberries and walked the rest of the way, eating them. This is HUGE if you know how anti-fruit and veggie my kids have been in the past!

The market is probably 4 times the size of Visalia's. They offer funnel cakes, sno cones, many bbq places, taco stands, kettle corn, music, corn dogs, etc, etc... It's like a mini fair with no admission fee! Do yourself a favor, take your family one Thursday and find out for yourself!

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  1. You have talked about this and I've always wanted to go... these pictures make it look even more enticing!!! I think I'm going to have to wrangle the hubs and the kids next Thursday! Let's pray for good weather! =)