Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Towel Apron

So if you know me, I have made different types of aprons for awhile now. Last year at the Farmer's Market, I saw these half aprons with a towel sewn on it! It is only sewn at the top obviously, so that while you are in the kitchen you can wipe your hands on the towel, and never have to go looking for one. The first one I made was just ok, and this is my second one. It uses half of one dishtowel, and about a yard of fabric, so with good thrifty shopping you can make them for around $5-$8.
I love the print on this fabric, and I really like the artichokes on the towel! I added a cute polka dot ribbon trim to the bottom.

Last week I figured out how to make rosettes out of fabric. They could not be simpler and I kind of got carried away and made one out of almost every pretty fabric scrap I have (which is A LOT!), but they are sooo cute!I don't know if you can see it very well in the picture, since it is on top of the same fabric, it blends in, but it's really cute in person! It is just a circle of fabric, hand stitched along the edges and gathered as you go, until you reach the point you started, voila! Fabric flower! I wore a reallllly cute one pinned on my white cardigan earlier this week.

Look at how cute this gift box is! And not just because of the little gem holding it, but it really is the cutest box ever. I found them while scrounging through the pier 1 clearance section a few weeks ago, and bought two, then realized once they rang up, that they were on clearance for $1! Say whhhat?! Haha. So, a week or so later, I dragged my husband back, while we were on our date night, and literally took everything off their clearance shelf until I found them, all the way on the bottom. There were only two more left that weren't ripped, but you better believe I snagged them up! =)

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  1. These towels are FAB!!!! And Mouser does make the cutest packaging even cuter!
    I need an in-person tutorial on the rosettes. I can read the words but the comprehension is nil. =)