Saturday, February 11, 2012

Consignment Warehouse {A walk down vintage lane}

This morning I went to Consignment Warehouse to explore a bit, and snap some pics to show you just a FRACTION of what they offer. I'm on a mission to show you that buying vintage/old/antique/used is awesome! There are so many reasons to buy something that has already been "loved", but I'll start with the most! There is so much character in buying vintage! You can't go into Target and buy something that looks like this! I'm asking you to put on your "potential goggles" and take a walk down vintage lane with me.

Ok, here we go...I've been in love with this huge wire basket with handle ever since I laid eyes on it a couple of weeks ago! I see so much life left in this basket.Oddly enough, LOOK at what I came across on Pinterest last looks almost exactly the same! I actually like the one at the store better, because I think the handle is awesome!
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I actually bought the identical set of these green canisters a couple weeks ago, and they now live on the display area above my kitchen cabinets. I love them! There is one more set waiting in the store, as you see above. ;)
I also bought one of these frames last week, this is the last one I saw left today! I'll show you what I did with it after a certain special someone {love you mom!} opens her birthday present! It's SO cool!
Just two of the many versions of wood crates found all over the store!
How cool is this crate? There are a TON of crates in all shapes and sizes all throughout the store. There are about a million and one ways to use a crate, but check out this really awesome way to serve snacks at a party! It would also be great for popcorn cones! The second picture is a crate centerpiece at a wedding! Want some more crate ideas?? Click here to see how I decorated my high-shelving with a mix of crates!
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I collect this style and color of Pyrex, and I LOVE them! I display them in my one open cupboard, that I removed the doors from last year. You know I'm a sucker for turquoise or aqua! There's quite a variety of vintage Pyrex at the store just waiting a new home to be put to use whipping up pancake batter in again.
I am drawn to this wooden piece. It's just so pretty to fill up that space on your empty walls that you don't know what to put there.
I LOVE this little drawer! The carved detail on the front is just beautiful! I see this as a place to put your mail that needs to be sorted.
I collect Blue Ball Jars and LOVE them! There are about a billion and one ways to use them beautifully! Below is just one!
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I love these shabby chic mirrors! They're just dying to be put to use again, and have such a cottage feel!
Ok, I'm totally into these vanity trays lately. I recently picked up one that is all silver at the flea market. I love these mirrored ones too, I saw a few of them while walking through the store. Can't you just see your perfume bottles all lined up on it?
Ok, this turquoise stool is just AWESOME! Tell me it's not, I dare you!
I really liked this piece when I walked by it, and then I liked it even more when I opened it up! Wouldn't this be great by your entryway?
I have a favor to ask... I know these things usually take time before people actually get motivated to try something, but I'm HOPING that you are curious enough to go check out Consignment Warehouse....and if you do, please tell the staff that you saw their store on The Baeza Blog. :) I'm hoping to feature the store a couple of times a month and constantly show you new things. Guess what though... if you see something you like, don't wait! It may not be there tomorrow and all of these things are one of a kind! Their address is 2639 E. Noble Ave. in Visalia. 636-3380
Want even MORE motivation to check it out?? They offer layaway!! The owner of the store also has a Etsy shop, which you can check out here....

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