Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Family Trip

We just returned yesterday from a wonderful, relaxing four days at the coast. Heart's Ease in Cambria has the BEST fairy garden behind the store! We've gone for years and the kids still love it every time.

Emma pretended that her tongue was stuck to the ice cream cone... "A Christmas Story" style.
We always have to take them to the Museum of Natural History. It's cheap enough to go every time, the kids are free and adults are just $3.

There is SO much more that I didn't share, I'm only sharing a few pics. Emma even put on a puppet show for us.
They have binoculars to borrow for the observation deck.
We climbed the steps to the top of the big rock above the museum. I probably should have listened to that voice telling me it wasn't the best idea with my knees being in the state that they are.

We like to go to Avila Beach because it's usually warmer and less windy.
We also made our first trip to the butterfly grove in Pismo.
It is a big grove of Eucalyptus trees with thousands of monarch butterflies. It was hard to take pictures with my phone, because the zoom gets blurry.
They were falling to the ground in pairs, mating.
We also saw the elephant seals, north of Cambria.
We stayed for quite awhile just watching them interact.

We visited the Cambria Nursery twice! We did MUCH more, including eating everything in sight! We visited all of our favorites: La Parisienne, Hofbrau, Bayside, Main St Grill, and more. I think I need to go spend the rest of the day on the stationary bike, haha.

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