Saturday, January 15, 2011

Craft Area {cause I don't have a room!} clean up!

I saw this post at Shanty2Chic and fell in love. Click on the link to check out her post and the steps she took to create this amazing craft table. I forwarded the link to my hubby and told him I would love to be surprised with something like this for Valentine's Day. His reply was a listing of all of the tools he would need that he doesn't have. So...I'm not too hopeful. My craft area has been an absolute wreck lately. I cleaned it after Christmas, but with all the stuff I've been working on for Valentine's Day it had creeped back all over the floor in my bedroom. I figured I'm better off cleaning/re-organizing it than waiting for the day I get a perfect storage craft table. I'm a little leary of showing my "before" pictures for the whole world to see, but here goes.
I started before I thought to take pictures, so by the time I remembered I had already cleared off the table, started a bag of trash, tossed my old tablecloth, and pulled the table away from the wall. Up until now, it has been pushed up against the big window ledge in our room, which is terrible because I haven't been able to reach to open the blinds for months! AND it led to the window ledge being a scraps-of-all-sorts-collector.

As with any organizing project, the first step is to totally clear the space.
This is my ugly excuse for a craft table.
I had some soft gray fabric that I bought a ton for only about 2 bucks on clearance a while back. I also had a runner that I bought from a thrift shop.
This is the "after" picture...much better. I pushed the table out from the wall as far as I could without blocking the door to the backyard. Now I have storage behind me and I can actually reach it!
I went through and finally took of my old empty spools of ribbon and added all of my new ones. If I had to do this over, I would use rain gutters and install them upside down to hold the spools of ribbon...then you don't have to take ten rolls off just to get to the empty one you are trying to remove.

I decided to use this basket for current unfinished projects-let's face it, I've almost always got at least one!
{Yes, that's me who bought balls from the dollar tree because they didn't have styrofoam balls and I didn't want to drive across town to the craft store}
Underneath are all of my wristlet keychains, sewed on and prepped for when my key fobs get delivered. ;)

I've been finding a bunch of free printables online, and as I switch seasons and remove old ones from frames, I needed a place to store them for next year. I also have tags, cupcake toppers, etc. This was my solution so that they wouldn't get crumpled or ruined.

I labeled all of the different holidays and seasons that I need, and now I can safely store them.

Have I mentioned I love my little labelmaker? It's every OCD girl's best friend! ;)
I'm still holding out hope that one day in the not to distant future the play room will become my craft room and I will have an awesome table like Shanty2Chic's!

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