Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine bags

I saw this post the other day for Valentine bags to fill with treats.I saved it, and thought about making them for a few days. I really liked the idea, but I really am not a big fan of big sewing projects. THEN I was looking for something in Hobby Lobby and came across these small quilted backpacks and thought it would be so much easier! I was going to do them both the same, but Cami is in a poodle craze right now so she got an iron on poodle. I embroidered their names by hand, along with Emma's little heart. I cut a heart out of Valentine fabric, and used wonder under to iron it onto the bag. Next I went around the edges of the heart with fray check, then stitched it on by hand with embroidery floss.

They were priced $8.99 each, but they were 50% off when I bought them! I couldn't have bought the supplies for the handmade bags that cheap. I think they turned out pretty cute, now I just have to hide them and fill with little gifts for Valentine's Day.

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