Monday, January 31, 2011

A taste of Orange Blossom

On Friday the hubs and I had to go to dinner at what we call "elderly time" because our sitter needed us home by 7. The choice was eat super early without kids and cut date night short, or take the kids with us. You can guess why we chose option one. We were there before the owners were there, so we did not get to try the specials that night, but I took a picture of my regular meal that is always on the menu so I could share it with you instead. These are Almond Prawns with Tequila Lime Butter and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. It is actually an appetizer, but I like to get it as my meal. I ordered the sauce on the is FABULOUS, but my tummy has issues with too much butter so I need to be in control of how much I use. ;)
They are panko breaded, with sliced almonds as well and believe me when I say they are perfect! The sauce completely makes them! It is rare at a restaurant to find shrimp that are not overcooked and rubbery, and just an all over fake taste to them. One bite into these and you will taste the difference!

My husband doesn't like sweets {weird, I know!} but his one weakness is chocolate ice cream. They make all of their ice cream and sorbets homemade! The hubs actually suggested the ice cream this time and let me tell you is SO GOOD!

Even though we had to eat early and be home early, at least we made it count with a trip to OBJ! Our taste buds are never disappointed. These are entirely my opinions and I'm not being paid to share them...we just believe in their quality of food that much!

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