Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emma's Sleeping Beauty Party

Tonight was Emma's little girls party. We hosted a movie night for ten of her friends! We fed them pizza for dinner. I made apple cupcakes but, silly me, I was thinking of the apple in Snow White, and we were watching Sleeping Beauty! Oh well, they didn't ask why the cupcakes were apples, and I didn't tell them! Haha.
These were the treat bags I made for Emma to hand out. I ordered the Princess cups from Oriental Trading Co. , along with the crown candy bracelets.

I didn't want to buy all those cheap toys that serve no purpose other than to hurt the parents' feet when they step on them! So ...I thought real hard and put these together: a cup, candy bracelet, a set of princess rings and earring stickers, "Royal Gold Coins" and "Princess Aurora's favorite snack". I bought the chocolate coins in the bulk section of our grocery store and Princess Aurora's favorite snack was a mix of chocolate and yogurt covered raisins.

I cut a cute little part hat tag on my cricut.

Happy birthday Emmster, I'm so proud of you!

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