Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Young Authors Faire

Our teacher at Charter Home School Academy told us about Tulare County Office of Education's Young Authors Faire. I talked to the girls about it last night, and they got SO excited that before bed, they wanted to go to the school room and start pre-writing for their books! They were literally jumping up and down the whole time they were spouting out sentences for their books. I couldn't get them to sit down. This morning, before breakfast, they went straight into the school room to work on their books! We have to turn in their books to our teacher by the end of next week, and the faire is the week of Feb 28-Mar 4.

The public can come, read and make comments on all of the books. They will hold a reception for the authors {I was told with cookies and punch}, to celebrate.
Emma's book is titled "Bunny Time".
Cami's book is called "Kissy the pink poodle finds a friend".
We laminated them and bound them with ribbons of their choice. They are so proud of their real books.

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  1. Ugh, so cute! I remember doing something like this way back when, it was super fulfilling and fun (as I'm sure your girls found out). I'm glad to see that creative projects like this are being encouraged and happily pursued. :)