Thursday, June 23, 2011

Framed Chalkboards

I'm going to do something different and show you the "after" pictures first, then the "before". I didn't take pictures of the steps, but it's SO simple! For this one with a canvas painting, I simply painted over it with 4-5 coats of chalkboard paint, letting it dry in between coats. Since this is only going to be used for decor, not a functional everyday use, I don't mind that it's canvas instead of a hard board. Here is the next set. On this one, I cut off the brown paper backing and bent back the big staples holding the print and glass inside. I threw away the glass and since this board was completely smooth, I used it to paint the chalkboard on directly. I spray painted the frame Heirloom White. I am SO tempted to paint a red frame, but since these are my first large chalkboards, I wanted ones that could match more parties.

There you go... super easy and inexpensive! One little jar of chalkboard paint has lasted me over a year, from my first chalkboards!

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  1. Wow. You aren't kidding about super easy!! & what an awesome idea. Love this.