Wednesday, June 22, 2011

U2 {360 Tour}

This past weekend my husband and I joined another couple in Anaheim for the U2 360 tour! It has been a dream of mine to see U2 in concert, and not something that I thought would ever happen. Check out their's crazy looking!Lenny Kravitz was the opening act.

Angels Stadium was completely packed and we were on the fifth {and highest!} level. Every time the whole crowd would sway, jump or dance, the ENTIRE stadium would wiggle and shake! Seriously it was so bad that we had to sit down a couple of times just to keep our balance!! Talk about freaky! It felt like we were creating an earthquake!

The circular screen was actually a bunch of little screens on a retractable web and at one point, it stretched out...crazy!

There was even a red "steering wheel-looking" round microphone that Bono could swing across the stage on. There were also two bridges from the stage to the outer circles that move. I can't imagine how much it costs to produce this show! If I ever have the chance to see them again...I'll take it! In a heartbeat!

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