Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taste of Orange Blossom {Dillon Chicken & Shrimp}

Last night we took the whole family to OBJ to celebrate TWO birthdays: my husband, and mother in law. Last night the special was Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Prawns! We ordered it, but it was SO popular that they were already sold out! They must of been gooood! You'll probably see them on the blog in the upcoming weeks if they were that popular! ;) SO...I took pictures of something I've never blogged about! Both of my brother-in-laws ordered the Dillon Chicken & Shrimp. Check it out!It's chicken or shrimp (or both) lightly sauteed in olive oil and kicked up with some spices!

Eating low carb? This dish is served on a big pile of green beans and mushrooms sauteed in sesame oil, and topped off with onions! Well, I guess there's bread, but that just gives you the option to cheat on your diet. ;) We all need the option, right?

Since we were celebrating birthdays you know we weren't leaving without dessert! Okay, we NEVER leave OBJ without dessert, but this time it had candles on it! Ha ha!

My mother in law chose the special Warm Apricot Tart topped with Apricot Sorbet! I told her to order it because I knew she would LOVE it...I was right!

Brandon is a straight shooting dessert guy, he's no-frills. So no matter how much I urged him to order the Chocolate Trauma, he only wanted chocolate ice cream by itself. Which actually was fine, because I have dreams of their homemade chocolate ice cream. Seriously.

Thanks for making a night of celebration SO tasty, OBJ! ;) Check 'em out here!

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