Thursday, June 2, 2011

A year in review!

Here we are! One year of homeschooling a kinder and 1st grader are in the books! We JUST finished all of our work this morning. I thought I would take some "after" pictures of the damage we did in the school room. :)All of those shapes on the walls are books that we read. We were too busy to add all the ones we read these last two crazy weeks, but they'll get their final book treat anyway. If you've been a blog reader for awhile, you know that each time we add 50 books to our walls the girls got to pick a treat.... movies, park, etc.

These were really cute. At electives one day they ripped white paper "clouds" and used their imaginations to draw what they looked like to them.

These paintings were from their first art class electives. They are very proud of them. :)

They both participated in the Young Authors' Faire. It was really fun, I'm sure we'll do it every year.

Here's how they ended the school year. Spinning in my chair and drawing pictures on my white board when they were done!

Here is Cami putting her last sticker on her chart! We made these charts when we were all at our wits end with learning. We had nine days left of work to complete, so I decided each day they finished their work without complaining, whining or messing around, would get a sticker. Tomorrow they will each get a prize bag from me to celebrate the end of the year.

This last picture says it all!! Tomorrow is our family potluck and medal ceremony at Charter Home School Academy and we're all done till fall!

Hello summer, nice to see you again!!!!

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  1. My friend Sarah Geesey teachers kids' art classes - she's a fabulous artist herself. And she homeschools her boys. Your girls might enjoy meeting her & going to one of her classes.