Sunday, May 29, 2011

Taste of Orange Blossom {Sicilian Stuffed Artichoke}

This weekend we switched it up a bit and decided to try the special appetizer. Cue the Sicilian Stuffed Artichoke with Lemon Garlic Butter! I have never eaten an artichoke anything close to this before. My artichoke experiences are limited to the hearts in the big jar at Costco! Boy, have I been missing out! First of all, have you ever seen an artichoke this big???? We chatted with the chef afterwards and he told us it is artichoke season in the Salinas area. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL!? Seriously this is a regular large dinner plate size! Just want that to be camera tricks here. The heart of it was the size of an average whole artichoke! I don't know about you, but I love it when food comes from our region. Makes me feel organic, even if I'm not. :)~

It's cooked and topped with crispy panko crumbs and cheese, and drizzled with lemon garlic butter. The herbs in this sauce are killer! We devoured this baby....and just to prove it....scroll down.

It was a battlefield, and we were the victors! Haha! Delicious!!! I think we'll have to start remembering to try the special appetizers!

We have had {and are having} a couple of crazy weeks wrapping up our first year homeschooling. We have had the busiest schedules, so we were unable to go out to Exeter last week. Which means....I was DYING to tickle my *favorites* fancy! If I want comfort, there is no where else for me but OBJ. It feels like an oasis for us after a long week of juggling kids, school, work, projects {did I mention I'm now an actual party planner and I have months booked in advance!! squeal!}, house, hobbies, etc.

Whenever we go with people, they always ask what my favorite is. There is so much to rave about that it's hard to narrow it down. Sometimes it will depend on my "food mood". I crave the salty crunch of their hot potato chips. My taste buds await to dance for the Cat's Meow {best salad ever by the way!}. I could go on and on, but when it comes down to choosing ONE...I'd have to say the Almond Prawns with Tequila Lime Butter. I pretty much never order shrimp at restaurants because they can so easily be made badly. Seriously there is one other restaurant that I rave over their shrimp and it's hundreds of miles away. The thin sliced almonds mixed in with the crispy breading are AMAZING and the sauce turns them into something to die for {Don't think you can't afford good food! It's $11.99!}! This is actually on the appetizer section of the menu, but they come with a scoop of mashed potatoes in the center, and I add on a dinner salad. You won't regret it!

The special dessert was a Banana Tart topped with Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream and Hot Fudge! Umm, hello! Think a slice of the best banana bread topped with homemade ice cream. I can feel summer arriving just thinking about it.

Orange Blossom Junction strikes me as a restaurant with a mission. A mission to serve food that doesn't come with a vacuum seal and microwave directions. Guess what else...did you know they just had a guitarist that did two world tours with Michael Jackson do a concert AND clinic there yesterday? No? Because you're not on their email list, silly! Go sign up, what are you waiting for? Then you'll always know what's coming up at the Junction! :)

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