Friday, May 13, 2011

School Room Project

I bought this at a thrift store about a week ago. I instantly thought "holder for all the different papers we use for school", then when I got it home I thought DUH, it's probably a magazine rack! Who knows, but NOW it is a paper holder! lol. It was $6.88 and it's solid wood. It was WAY heavier than it looked. I even had a hard time carrying it to the car. One coat of spray paint later, and it's ready for the second half of it's life! I thought it needed some added cuteness so I cut some pennants out of yellow vinyl using my Silhouette. It was super easy, just peel and stick!

I hung it up tonight in the school room. We use so many different types of paper for different things that I'm always digging through my desk to find the right one. Once I line them all up in here it will be easy!

I love my little $7 project! :)

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