Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taste of Orange Blossom {Cornish Game Hen}

I'm gonna change it up a bit today and show you the dessert first...why not? It's my favorite part! Chocolate Ganache Tart with Strawberry-Basil Ice Cream!! When I first heard "strawberry basil" I thought, it sounded kind of strange. BUT thankfully I know that even if it sounds strange, if it was created by George, it's gonna be great! I have always loved the combination of chocolate and strawberry! If you weren't told that the ice cream had basil in it, you wouldn't know it. You would just think you are having fantastic strawberry ice cream! It is drizzled with white chocolate to make it even more beautiful! Ok, now back to the real order of dinner! The soup last night was Lobster Bisque. I thought it was very light and tasty! It had just that hint of spice that tickles the back of your throat.

The main dish I chose was a Cornish Game Hen with Tomato Garlic Butter! This was my first time having a Cornish game hen and I loved it! The tomato garlic butter gave it that extra flavor to jazz it up, plus it was packed full of stuffing!

It is served with Candied Carrots, Roasted Potatoes, Snap Peas, and Garlic Bread! Holy guacamole that's a lotta food! On a side note, I am in LOVE with the snap peas! I love how OBJ changes their food with the seasons here in the valley. Snap peas are farm stand fresh right now, so they are SUPER TASTY! I just love knowing that my food hasn't been on a truck for a week, traveling cross country and losing all of it's freshness and nutrients! That's why their salads are so fabulous too- local ingredients!

Ok, one last shot of this bad boy! Or it's pink so maybe I should say bad girl? ;)

As always, thanks again OBJ for a great evening, and you can check out all the latest info and happenings at their website! See ya next week!

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