Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cabinet Hardware!

I decided about a month ago that my kitchen needed some updating. My house is only about 5 or 6 years old, but when your decor has been there just as long, it's time for a change. My inexpensive plan was to remove a couple of cabinet doors to display pretty dishes, add knobs and pulls to my cabinets and drawers, and re-do the top "shelf" display area. By that I mean the big space on top of my cabinets. Today I finished the last step! The picture you see above is from Lowes, I was aiming to get something along these lines for my drawers. I love this shape! They are REALLY expensive {once you add up how many you need in all!} at Lowe's so I checked out Ikea. Ikea had the same shape, but it had a metal spacer that would make the pull stick out from the drawer. It wouldn't sit flush. Boo!! Those were about half the price of the ones from Lowe's. So...thrifty ole me went to plan B. Check out the before pictures....

Now here are the "afters"....

I improvised and picked a second choice when I was at Ikea. These knobs were $2.99 for a 2 pack!!! Score! The pulls were $5.99 for a 2 pack! By being flexible, I was able to complete my mini kitchen facelift without any buyers remorse! ;) As an extra bonus, my white cabinets won't get quite so dirty now that we have handles!

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