Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chicken Wire+Frame=Jewelry Holder!

A few weeks ago I saw a jewelry holder made out of a large frame and chicken wire. I don't know where the original one I saw was, but it might be this one. It's turquoise and beautiful, but it would clash in my bedroom. Here's what I did...I bought a big frame from a thrift store for $3.59.

I tore off the paper backing, removed the staples with pliers, and tossed the art and glass. Next I spray painted it grey.

After it dried completely, flip it over. Cut your chicken wire slightly bigger than the frame. I used my staple gun to attach it and then hammered the staples all the way in.

Next up, I snipped off the edges, leaving just enough to fold back so that it doesn't slip through the staples.

I bought tiny "s" hooks from Lowe's to hang my jewelry on.

I might decide to add a cluster of fabric rosettes to one corner, we'll see.

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