Friday, May 13, 2011

Taste of Orange Blossom {Filet Mignon and Jumbo Prawns!}

Last night we broke from the norm and took the family to Orange Blossom Junction on a Thursday night. Shocking, I know! Well, to tell the truth, THIS mama has had her fill of doing dishes this week! ;) The next best thing is to head to our second home and let THEM do the dishes for us! It was my lucky night! The special was something I've never seen here before...Filet Mignon with 3 Jumbo Prawns in a Garlic Butter Sauce, served over Polenta. Let me start with the special salad! It was a Avocado Salad with Blackberry Balsamic Vinaigrette, topped with a scoop of Beet Sorbet. I am true to my favorites and USUALLY that means, while I love the other dressings, orange caesar is always still my fav. I think I actually, after all these years, may have found a new favorite! This is my first time tasting blackberry balsamic and I fell head over heels for it. I've got my fingers crossed that maybe if enough customers tell them how great it is, they'll add it to the's THAT good!

Here was the ultimate prize for me. I have a love affair with filet mignon. I took a picture of the meat after I cut into it, but chickened out and decided not to post it. To me, it was perfection! Some people get grossed out at red meat, so that's why I didn't post it. Cutting into a filet and (I like mine pink/red, but not raw looking) is heavenly to me. It is the most tender meat you can get.

You know when you get a really good meal and you take that first bite and your shoulders slouch and your eyes roll and you look to the person next to you and just say "oh man!"? That was my dinner last night! The presentation is beautiful too! They start with Parmesan Polenta, then the filet, then the Jumbo Prawns! The prawns were AWESOME! The sauce totally MADE them!

It was served with candied carrots, snap peas, and a huge piece of garlic bread! Yes, this time, I almost finished everything! Here is one of our rascals putting trying to hang a spoon from her nose. I think they thought if they smiled the spoons would fall.

And of course, monkey see, monkey do!

I love that OBJ is a restaurant that we can enjoy alone on a date night or with our kids. They LOVE coming here! Cami is a chip-a-holic. She always orders the chips instead of fries with her meal. They make HOMEMADE, seasoned chips! That girl knows what's good! Haha. They also love that their meals come with a scoop of homemade ice cream! They know it, so they make sure to eat their dinner! ;)

I asked a special favor on my dessert. I keep seeing a picture online of homemade chocolate ice cream, and it's been driving me crazy! I have been DYING to have some! THEN on the menu I noticed they put almonds on top of one of their other desserts. SO I ordered the Chocolate Trauma, but asked for the sliced, toasted almonds on top! YUMMYYYY!! I am in love...

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream on a Chocolate Ganache Tart, covered with Hot Fudge and drizzled with White Chocolate! And then I added almonds? Yes please!! I can't wait to do this again!

Check out their website here! Enjoy!

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