Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bucket List

My husband and I are going with friends {in less than a month!} to see U2 in concert in Anaheim! This is something that I kind of never thought possible. They don't exactly tour a lot, and they are only there for two days. I am excited to cross something off my bucket list. A good friend of mine just crossed something off of her bucket list last week, eating dinner at The French Laundry. I had never heard of it, but after I googled it, I could see why. It has all got me thinking and I thought I would share some more of my ever-growing bucket list. These are absolutely not in order of priority!
#1 Stay at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. This is a trip I would like to take as a family, when the girls are teenagers and can appreciate the city. I went as a ninth grader on a class trip and I loved it. Ever since the movie Big Business I have wanted to stay at the Plaza Hotel, and Home Alone 2 only added to my longing. LOL.

#2 Travel to France...all over France. I took four years of French in high school and my husband will occasionally ask me to speak french but it embarrasses me to use the accent we were taught, so I always say no. I think he just wants to laugh at me. If I would have known I would be moving to California I would have chose Spanish. Not really a need for French on the west coast! lol. I learned so much about the culture, country and language that I would love to go and see it all in person. This would be a hubby trip. :)

#3 Italy-ALLOVER Italy. I have a long list of cities I'd like to visit and unfortunately I feel like this is soooo out of reach. I would love to take my mother in law. It is her ONE dream and she worries that she will never see it, and that soon she will be too old to go. I tell her she's crazy, my mother in law is only 60 and she acts like she's 40, always on the go. She could totally handle the crazy travel! I think to make this a reality we would have to have a year with no medical bills and devote an entire tax return to sending the two of us....which never seems to be possible.

#4 This is my BIGGEST, most dreamt about trip... a anniversary trip to Bora Bora. I want a hut on the water that has a glass window in the floor. This pic is from The Four Seasons Resort. I REALLY want to save my pennies for this one first!

Everything seems so far out of grasp, but what if I took them down, one by one? Losing my dad so unexpectedly in March has just reinforced the dreamer in me. Every day you wake up could be your very last. Don't get me wrong, my priorities are pursuing God and loving my family, but these are my dreams. These are what I'd like to see/do/experience before I take my last breath. I 'd better start saving my pennies {maybe devoting my party planning profits?} or I'll never cross any of them off the list. Unless of course EVERYONE in town wants a new air conditioner this year....LOL. {Hubby's business}

I always wonder what's on everyone else's bucket list....

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  1. that' a great list -- italy is soooo beautiful! i look forward to returning when our children are older and we can all go together. bora bora... yes!!!! have a great day!