Friday, May 6, 2011

The Simple Stencil {Review and $50 Giveaway!!}

Have I got a treat for you!! A few weeks ago I came in contact with the lovely Jennifer of The Simple Stencil. She kindly offered to send me her product to review AND she is generously hosting a giveaway...keep reading!

She saw on my headboard post that I mentioned I needed to change my old vinyl above my bed. My headboard covered up part of it, and it just didn't fit anymore. See below...
I browsed around her site trying to decide what to choose from all of her BEAUTIFUL designs! There is an AWESOME feature on her site where you can click on your wall color and click on the stencil color to preview what it would look like on YOUR WALL! How handy is that?! I have honestly looked around other vinyl sites before and given up because they were hard to navigate. The Simple Stencil is AMAZING! I told her I couldn't decide between the Laurel Wreath Monogram and the Vintage Bird Cage. While I was just looking for her opinion, she offered to send me BOTH! After receiving them today here is what I decided...

I love the classic look of the Laurel Wreath Monogram, and thought it looked fantastic above my new headboard! The directions are simple and clear. Tape it where you want it, level it, center it. flip it up and gently peel away the bottom paper, leaving the vinyl on the transfer tape.

Smooth it out. I used a plastic scraper.

Gently peel away the transfer tape. If it sticks to the tape in any places, just gently ease it off with your hand as you peel.

I found it was easier to rip the transfer tape in half after removing half of it. That wasn't in the directions, but since it was such a HUGE piece, it made it easier to handle for me.

Since I have textured walls, I pressed the vinyl down with my fingers to get it in the cracks. Since your finger is soft and the scraper is not, it made it easier to get a final "stick" to the wall.

VOILA! Beautiful Simple Stencil! I love it when I can get an effect like this without paint! You might be surprised to know that I HATE painting and LOATHE Mod Podge!

Next, it was onto my bird cage! I used the same steps to apply this one.

I LOVE how they turned out!

If you're thinking "I could do that on my machine at home" ...think again! This monogram is 30"x22.5"!

I was surprised to find that there was a THIRD piece in my package! She sent me our last name! So sweet! She told me in one of her emails that she just loves having happy customers...I believe it!! I am still debating where this will go. I am thinking about putting it on my front door.

Ok....are you ready to enter??? Up for grabs is a $50 Credit to The Simple Stencil!!


Visit The Simple Stencil website.

Check out the fabulous designs and copy and

paste the url of your favorite design into your comment on this blog post.

Extra Entry:

"Like" Simple Stencils on Facebook

Ok, go enter! What are you waiting for?! ;) I will pick a winner on Friday May 13th!


  1. I love their monogram stencils! I've been wanting one like they have for a looooong time now.

  2. I love how this turned out! Its just beautiful and sounds like you had an excellent experience with The Simple Stencil! Good to know! I already "like" them on facebook, does that mean I still get an extra entry LOL :)

    Okay, here's my favorite design... I spent a ton of time looking, but I just love this one as it fits our family so much! Oh and what is the color of your bedroom wall? I adore the color and that headboard is lovely!

  3. Love your room. I have been looking, dreaming & trying to decide on a is one of my favorites!!!! I also like Simple Stencils on Facebook.....

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!

  4. This is my favorite.

    Though I am loving your bird cage. Kind of a hard choice! Great job on your room. It must feel so nice to be in there. :)


    is my favorite! My fiance and i are getting married next year and i feel this suits us perfectly!

    Thanks so much <3

    jrlbeale1 (at)

  6. & I already like Simple stencil on Facebook, who doesnt?? =D

    jrlbeale1 (at)

  7. I really want to design my own phrase. They have such a cool interface to do it.
    I love their site! Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I like them on facebook too! Thanks.

  9. There are so many!!! This one:
    I like the idea of creating my own, but also, I could totally use one over my bed like you have! Maybe a monogram?

  10. I also "liked" them on FB! =)


    i would love this one, and would love to win to be able to surprise my fiance when she comes home one day. She loves your designs but we dont have a lot to spend so we have not yet splurged!

    Many thanks

    mastrophys2013 (at)

  12. I would like this one

    to sit about our grandfather clock in the hallway just as you come in, i think it would be so elegant and lovely!
    Thank you!

    wildhaggislesley (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. I loooove simple stencil <3 <3 <3

    this is by far my favorite, i want to re do the lounge so i think this would be ideal!

    whiteleylouise (at)



    this one just made me say AWWWWW!! i want it =D

    Thank you ever so much!

    rebeccabbb1 (at)

  15. I really want to create my own stencil =) Possibly with my new surname !! <3

    Thank you so much!!

    whitefences3 (at)

  16. I think i would put this in our hallway where we have our family pics.

  17. I liked them on FB, too!!!! hoping for a win!! ;)

  18. I love this one... I'm gonna get it - so cute!!

  19. I liked them on Facebook but forgot to mention that in my last comment. :)

  20. I like this one

  21. Love this one!