Thursday, May 26, 2011

Team Gifts!

We are only a FEW days away from wrapping up our first year of homeschooling!! I probably will be lacking in blog posts until next week is over. We are swamped with working in advance to turn in our work. We finish up a few days ahead of the district, but still have to squeeze in the same amount of work, but in fewer days! It will be worth it next Friday when we are done and the rest of town still has till the following Wednesday, but it's QUITE crazy right now! We've been hard at work all morning but the girls are on recess so I'm sneaking in a blog post! :)

Tonight is our oldest daughter's indoor soccer awards ceremony. This is my husband's third year of coaching her! Have I ever mentioned what an awesome dad he is?? HE IS!! I thought I would surprise him with a gift card for Starbucks {one of his favorite treats that we don't indulge in very often}! I whipped up a cute tag using my Silhouette software, and cut it out with a scallop punch. "Having you as a coach is worth a million BUCKS!" ;)

I don't know what's up with blogger and these funky-placed pictures. I didn't change my settings, but I'll be sure to check before I upload next time to see what's up! Bear with me because they are being stubborn in letting me move them. We had a team dad {and friend of ours} step up the last few games and be Brandon's assistant coach because our other original coach stopped coming altogether. Who knows why, BUT we are SO thankful that this dad stepped up to help! It's a big job to be there every Saturday and direct a whole team of 1st and 2nd graders! He's a biking/hiking/outdoors kind of guy so I'm ASSUMING he eats trail mix! Watch him be allergic to nuts! LOL. I love this Monster Mix from Target! His tag says "It would have been NUTS without you!" :) He also gets a little Starbucks card.

Last of all, I made one of these for each player. They are chocolate covered oreos on a stick. This one I didn't try to come up with a clever saying to match the gift because the kids won't care! They'll just care about devouring it! LOL

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