Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last night I got to host our craft group! The title of our FB group {just a private ongoing chat wall so that we don't have to keep emailing each other} is "Crafties", so I thought it would be cute to add it to my chalkboard.
I set up by taping big pieces from our easel roll of paper on the table. Each person had a plaque, which I pre-painted, clothespins, plate and brush for mod podge, vinyl letters, and jute.

This was a very easy and straight forward craft.

This was the sample one I made. Actually I made it myself and then when I stepped in to cover a craft month, this is the craft I decided on.

There were lots of pretty papers to choose from.

Crafting is so much better with enthusiasm. Ha ha.
Below are all of the finished projects!

I know some of my friends SO well that I KNEW which paper they would choose {out of a stack of about 15 pages or so!} while I was shopping!

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