Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SUPER easy V-Day Banners!

Today while the girls were quietly working on a school project, I was able to whip both of these banners up with stuff I already had! I've had these white heart paper doilies for years. I simply cut a length of thin twine and weaved it through the holes on the top of the hearts, knotted each end and hung!
Pretty cute, and could NOT be easier! {bonus-it was free for me!}

I had a hard time getting these light enough to see, but the other day I went to the Visalia Learning Center and cut red construction paper using their die cut machine. I cut a bunch of these hearts with arrows. All I had to do was weave the arrows through the slits {that the machine does for you} and hot glued them to ribbon! Super simple again!
My house is lookin' pretty festive for our upcoming V-day parties! I think this holiday is my favorite to decorate for!

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