Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frame Wall {Part 1}

I have a huge open part of my living room wall that has been driving me crazy for a long time. It is up kind of high so I never knew what to do with it. I've thought about some kind of metal art that you see at home decor stores, but even a big piece wouldn't be big enough to not look lonely on that empty wall. I saw a blog post the other day where someone did a frame wall going up their staircase.
I went to some thrift stores today and got some frames. They ranged from $0.50 to $7 for the biggest used one. The big brown/black one was 80% off at Hobby Lobby!

I'm thinking maybe it originally had glass in it and maybe it broke? I don't know, all I know is it's HUGE and was only $13.99!! Score!!

Now the debate is to paint or not to paint? I know there are a few I am not this new one, but some of the smaller, lighter wood I am thinking of painting. Not sure what color and it's giving me decorator's anxiety thinking about it. I have started wrapping the smallest rectangle frame in natural jute and it's gonna be super cute! I can't wait to figure it out and hang them up!

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