Saturday, February 5, 2011

A taste of Orange Blossom 2-4-11

Last night was date you know what that means...ORANGE BLOSSOM. Last night we were brought our first special to try out. We were given the choice of trying the special entree or special dessert. My husband shot me a look like if I said dessert he was gonna flip out. Ha ha. The special was Roasted Duck Legs with white bean chili and red cabbage. Brandon was dying to try the duck! This was my first time tasting duck and I was pleasantly surprised! It is actually closer to turkey than chicken as far as poultry goes. Brandon was practically giddy until the last bit was cleaned off the plate.

If you ever think a combination from the chef "sounds funny"... if it's Chef George, you've gotta try it. We liken him to a mad scientist in the kitchen. He comes up with some creations that sound strange sometimes but taste GREAT! Join the email list at OBJ and then you will know the specials weekly and keep up with what's new at the Junction. Right now we are just looking forward to next Friday! =)

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