Friday, April 1, 2011

DIY Silhouette Plate

I have wanted to make a silhouette plate of each of my kids for a long time. I never knew how to do it. There is still probably a much easier way, but this is the way I did it....I took a profile picture of Emma and I tried to outline the silhouette with the pen tool in photoshop. You can see how imperfect it is. The next time I do this I won't bother because this step isn't necessary for the way I ended up doing it. I was trying to outline it, save it, open it in my Silhouette Studio software and cut it. Problem was when I opened the file the Silhouette didn't know where to cut because it was just a flat picture. I attempted to trace it yet again and was only getting frustrated. Next time I will just print the plain old pic and then continue with the steps below.
I printed it out on cardstock {so that it won't rip when I cut it}. I got out my cutting mat, black vinyl, craft knife and tape. First tape down the vinyl, then the picture as well.

Next you will start cutting it, pushing firmly to cut both layers at once.
Here is my plate, just a basic salad plate I found on clearance at Marshall's.
After you're done cutting, just peel and stick and make sure you don't get any bubbles. If you get bubbles, lift is up carefully and lay it back down, pressing as you work from one side to the other.
Next I opened up my Silhouette software and cut out Emma in the LD Dainty font.
Voila! Done! I think that these would make GREAT Mother's Day gifts, Grandparent gifts, or just look great hanging on a plate rack on your wall!
I can't wait to make more!

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