Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peep Pops!

These would make a super cute addition to any child's Easter basket! They are so easy to make!
Simply insert a sucker stick (available at any craft store) into the peep. Push it up until just before it's about to go through the other side, don't poke through.
Melt white or dark chocolate Wilton melting disks in the microwave. Stir them every 30 seconds until melted. I spooned on the chocolate, twisting the stick in my hand. I thought it looked cute with the ears showing. =)Then top with spring colored sprinkles on all sides and lay to dry on wax paper.
After they were all dry I put them in little cello bags and tied with ribbon.
I love this butterfly trim, the sprinkles on this one are butterflies too.

How cute would this be to take to your Easter gathering or your office the last day of work before the holiday?

I packaged a few up to go in my niece's Easter basket I was preparing yesterday! These are Martha Stewart bags from Michael's, filled with some green paper shred to resemble grass. I wasn't able to use the ribbon and pre-punched holes because they were so tall, so I folded over the top and taped it on the back. Super easy and cute! There aren't many treats that a one year old can have - most of them are tiny little choking hazards! Hopefully they won't melt in the mail and she'll have something fun to eat! =)

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