Friday, April 8, 2011

Monogram Charger

I wandered into Pier 1 today and as soon as I walked in the door, these beautiful wooden chargers were jumping out at me!
Just LOOK at how beautiful they are!! They are even prettier in person! They are an off-white color and distressed beautifully! They are $12.00 each, so I only bought one! Haha! I'm wondering if the little Easter chickies by the register were chanting "cheep, cheep" when I was checking out!
I can't really use chargers except for special occasions, so I didn't want to invest that much into a set. Honestly even if I were rich I wouldn't spend that much on a set of chargers. BUT I thought I would buy one and see what I could do with it! I actually planned on just keeping it stashed away and put it out when I serve a plate of cookies or something.
BUT when I got home and got it out of the bag, I knew I had to do something with it! I decided it would be cute with a monogram initial, cut out in black vinyl. So I got out my handy dandy Silhouette and used my favorite LD Dainty font to cut a big "B". After that, I cut around it with scissors {saving as much vinyl as I can} and did the same for my transfer tape. I peeled the paper off the back of the transfer tape and smoothed it down onto my vinyl B.
Next I carefully peeled the tape off the vinyl, making sure the B was sticking with each move.
Then I laid it down in the position I wanted, and pressed hard along the B.
Next you just peel off the transfer tape slowly.
I decided it would replace something that was really old and out-dated on the top of my kitchen cupboards.
I used a plate rack I already had. Actually it looks like it's for cookbooks, so the hunt is on for a new one.
Look at how wide the base is. I don't like it for this because of the angle when you are looking up at it, the iron kind of gets in the way. It needs to be a narrower plate rack. Looks like I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby! Darn! ;)
I love it and I am still in LOVE with these chargers!! If I wasn't so cheap I'd buy a whole set!

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