Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Taste of Orange Blossom {Smoked Prime Rib}

This week we changed things around a bit and went to OBJ on Saturday. Friday we had to finish up our Easter basket shopping on Friday AND we knew that EVERY Saturday night is Smoked Prime Rib.The hubby and I both decided to order the prime rib. Since it was a three course special we had the choice of soup or salad.

Brandon chose the soup, he said it was hearty and great! It was packed with beans and meat, and topped with crispy tortilla strips and cheese, hence the name Black Bean and Beef with chips and cheese. ;)

The special salad was a Avocado Salad with Red Pepper Dressing. It was topped with a scoop of beet sorbet. I am in LOVE with this dressing! Wanna know my trick? I bought a container of their Orange Caesar dressing AND a container of their marinated red cabbage that makes my taste buds do the happy dance to jazz up my salad for today's big family lunch. I wish I knew how to make the cabbage because it makes salads go from boring to fabulous! In the meantime, I can do the next best it from OBJ! It'll be our little secret weapon. ;)

Here is the big daddy! Smoked Prime Rib! That beauty on top of the beef is Yorkshire Pudding! I asked what it was and was lucky enough to get to have the chef himself come out and explain it to me. It is made out of the drippings from the meat and traditionally, in England, it is a HUGE ring and then cut into wedges. Since that method wouldn't really work at a restaurant, he makes them in a muffin pan. It light, airy and delicious! I love the crispy edges and the bottom that collects a little pool of the juice.

It was served with candied carrots, greens, parmesan polenta, and a huge piece of garlic bread! Holy moley that's a lotta food! When I'm full it practically looks like I haven't eaten hardly anything! Let me tell you, the prime rib is deeeeelicious! I don't know what part is my favorite, the smoky flavor or the butter-like softness of the meat. It was wonderful!

We're loving that it's strawberry season in California right now, because it means we keep getting to eat THIS! Grand Marnier Strawberry Shortcake...hello! We have been diving into this dessert head-first for the past few weeks and we LOVE it every time! What's not to love about cake, strawberries and homemade ice cream?

As always, check out their hours, menu and weekly specials online! Thanks again OBJ!

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