Monday, April 4, 2011

White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake {Moistest cake EVER!}

I have been DYING to make this cake again! The first picture is the same cake at my niece's bridal shower last fall. I included this picture because my frosting job didn't look quite so pretty last night {and I didn't quite care, I just wanted to EAT it!}. The recipe can be found here, at Brooke's Recipe Blog. I can tell you one thing: you will NEVER taste a moister cake! It has melted white chocolate chips IN the batter, mashed up raspberries, and a box of vanilla pudding mixed in the batter as well! What it does to this cake is just amazing!Here is a picture of it sliced. So, so yummy!

After I took this picture last night, I added more rows of frosting in between the rows because as I sliced it, not each piece got frosting. I forgot how close the rows were on the last cake, it had been so long! The next time you need a fabulous dessert, make this cake! It will be a hit, I promise! By the way, that's homemade cream cheese frosting!

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