Friday, April 22, 2011

Master Bathroom

When we moved into our house about 4 years ago, I painted every single wall in the house, except the tiny little toilet area off of our master bathroom. By the time I got to that part of the house I didn't want to look at paint for a LONG time! I left it white and ever since it has been in desperate need of a makeover! Here is a quick "after" pic and then I'll show you the ugly "before" pics. Our sinks and huge, cave-like tile shower are separate from this little area.

Ok, told ya it was ugly! I've had that picture for probably ten years and it desperately needs to go in the yard sale pile!

I do still love this rustic looking shelf so that will be making a reappearance. The fake flowers...not so much!

Not only did Cutting Edge Stencils give me the Casablanca stencil to make my headboard, but after that, I won a giveaway from a blog that I entered before that! I picked two sizes of the Zinnia stencils.

Clip on your handy dandy level and you're ready to go! You know about sample size paint jars at Lowe's and Home Depot, right? They are my best friend! I have a bunch of different colors and I love that for $3 you can finish small projects with the exact shade you want, without buying a quart or gallon!

Using the same method as the headboard, I stenciled the wall, using the least amount of paint possible. It was a bit trickier this time than the headboard because of our textured walls and the intricate stencil. There was more room for paint to slide under the cracks, so I had to be extra vigilant.

This is my ugly little treasure box that I keep in the bathroom for all of the goodies you need... flushable wipes, etc. ;) I bought a gray paint sample as well and planned on using the smaller stencil on the walls in gray. I decided not to, and just painted this box gray instead.

I even went to Target last night and bought a new rug and bathmat, they definetely needed updating too!

I still have two more walls to decorate so I may be hitting up Hobby Lobby later today, we'll see! I'll post final "after" pics when I get it all done, but it looks way better already!

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