Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kitchen {Open Shelving}

I was inspired to take the doors off of one of my main kitchen cabinets. If you haven't checked out The Lettered Cottage, I highly suggest you do. And hold on to your hat, because you will blown away at the before and afters! Here is my messy, embarrassing "before picture". I remembered to take it after I had already started emptying it on the counter.

After removing one door.

When I asked my husband if I could do this, his first response was "will we have to buy new dishes that match?" I told him that I was just going to group the ones that do match. I only displayed the white, turquoise and clear glass items.

After living with it like this for a few days, I decided the back was too plain and washed out with the white cabinets.

I bought a roll of paintable beadboard wallpaper at Lowes. It was $15 and I have a huge roll left for other projects! It was really easy to work with. The hardest part is waiting 24 hours before painting it, like the directions said. When smoothing it out, BIG glops of glue would ooze out the bottom, which I had to wipe up with paper towels. They were gross, lets' just say they looked like something you see before you go into labor, and it rhymes with "Lucas dug". ;)

So, bright and early the next morning {before I even had my coffee!!} I taped it off and painted it.

Yes, that is a paint swatch you see in the background. I think I am like the WORST paint color picker {that's a technical term} in the world! Not that it's not a pretty color, just not what I thought it was going to be. I am going to live with it for a few days, but I might change it. Its too bright and light for me.

I love the beadboard texture even though I might change the color! Word to the wise, even if you are using the wallpaper to get a white beadboard effect you'll need to paint it white. It doesn't look that great after the glue dries, it's dark in some spots and just basically not white.

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