Sunday, July 10, 2011

Acid Mirror, Round 2!

You may or may not have read about my first acid mirror a couple of weeks ago. Check that post if you'd like the link to directions on how-to. I went on a mad search of thrift stores, yard sales, etc. for two weeks trying to find a cheap mirror in the size I wanted. No such luck, it was so frustrating. I finally decided to check Wal-Mart and-just like that- a 16x20 mirror for $9.97! How silly that I put off checking there for so long. It even had a white frame so I didn't even have to paint the frame!It's kind of hard to tell what's what in the mirror pictures. What's the wall reflection, the banner reflection, the comforter reflection, the fabric backing, the clear spots, the mirror spots.

I loved this saying and it's perfect for the girls' room: There's no better friend than a sister. :)

A close up of the fabric backing-found at Hobby Lobby for 30% off. All I had to buy was 1/2 a yard and I still have half of that left over.

I cut the cardboard backing off and used paint stripper to remove the gray layer covering the backside of the actual mirror layer. Then my handsome hubby did the part with the muriatic acid again. That stuff is lethal. It actually melted the spray bottle he used on the first mirror. This time he used a splatter technique.

I love it! If I had a boutique I would make the most beautiful frame/fabric/wording combinations and sell them! I am so in love with these!

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